Fortnite’s Cosmic Summer Celebration live event is for UFO believers

The new Fortnite live event is set to take place today, June 22, with the Cosmic Summer Celebration event hosting a “Welcome Party” with all of Epic Games’ battle royale’s players invited. A well-timed event considering the mounting real-world speculation surrounding UFOs (which Fortnite has already leaned into with its alien phone number), here’s when this new Fortnite live event starts today.

What is the Fortnite live event time on June 22?

The Fortnite live event for June 22 will go live at 9 AM ET/6 AM PT/2 PM BST. It will take place on Believer Beach, so all players need to do is drop down to the spot when the event goes live in order to participate in it.

The game’s official Twitter account posted an “invite,” though as with all Fortnite live events, all players need to do is hop into the game at the set time in order to experience it.

Epic Games hasn’t revealed what the live event will entail, though it will be in keeping with Fortnite Season 7’s current alien invasion theme. Twitter user TheFoundation has posted an image from the PlayStation Store that implies a different look for Coral Castle, with it having previously been suggested by Fortnite leakers that Coral Castle will be destroyed in an upcoming update.

Some have speculated that the Coral Castle is being destroyed to make way for the UFO mothership. In the latest 17.10 patch notes for the game, it is noted that players will now have a way into the UFO mothership that previously hovered above the map. It could be that Coral Castle will make way for this entrance and that we’ll see how in today’s live event.

In other news, it was revealed that the Death Stranding Director’s Cut won’t be making its way to PC and PS4. The recently released Dark Alliance also received a 15 GB day one update to fix a game-breaking bug.