There will be no Death Stranding Director’s Cut PC and PS4 versions, suggests ESRB rating

One of this year’s biggest surprises was Death Stranding Director’s Cut, a revamp of Hideo Kojima’s 2019 PS4 exclusive game. Announced at Summer Game Fest, it looks set to upgrade the original’s graphics. It’ll also include new content cut from the PS4 version. Today, the ESRB formally announced the Death Stranding Director’s Cut rating. It hints at the new additions, as well as the platforms you’ll be able to get the game on.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut PS5 Exclusivity

Death Stranding Director's Cut

Yes, the big takeaway from the ESRB rating announcement is that Death Stranding Director’s Cut is only coming to PS5.

Well, the game has only been rated for that platform, which makes it unlikely that it’ll arrive anywhere else.

This isn’t a total surprise, though. The game’s reveal trailer from Summer Game Fest only shows the PS5 as a playable console. However, the original Death Stranding was a PS4 console exclusive before arriving on PC in July 2020. Therefore, many were expecting it to arrive on these platforms too. It’s sure to disappoint those who may not have played the game yet, as this Director’s Cut is set to be the definitive Death Stranding experience, with more content than the original release. It means those on older consoles will have to settle for less. The lack of PC is also interesting – though it could arrive after a half-year delay, as the original Death Stranding did.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut differences vs. standard

Death Stranding Director's Cut PC

This expanded version will likely contain more elaborate cutscenes and delivery sequences from which Death Stranding built its reputation. The teaser trailer is equally ominous, though the presence of a murky warehouse, armored guards and Norman Reedus’ Sam Bridges suggests more of the stealth-based gameplay will be here.

The last time Hideo Kojima worked on a director’s cut was Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, which revamped the original Metal Gear Solid for GameCube. That remake introduced newly-written cutscenes, revamped graphics, and the gameplay mechanics of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. While Death Stranding doesn’t have a sequel to use as a blueprint, you can certainly expect new dialogue, better visuals, and more deliveries to make.

In other news, Disney is seeking to trademark Loki, after the success of their Disney+ Marvel show. Amazon Prime Day is here, with discounts on PS5 and Xbox Series X to boot.