Disney is allegedly trying to trademark ‘Loki’

After debuting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki now has a standalone show. Its success could be detrimental to some fans, however, as Disney is allegedly cracking down on fan art relating to the Norse deity. Many people are taking this as a sign of Disney trademarking Loki, though that might not be entirely accurate.

Is Disney trying to trademark Loki?

Disney is reportedly trying to trademark “Loki” in some way.

In addition to being the protagonist of a hit new Disney Plus show, Loki is an ancient Norse deity that has existed for thousands of years. The trickster god predates both Disney and Marvel, with neither company having exclusive rights to the mythological being. As a result, it’s difficult to imagine that Disney could trademark Loki.

Rumors that Disney is attempting to trademark Loki are based on the removal of some Redbubble fan art. The website decided to pull a piece of Loki artwork, apparently due to the fact it may violate the rights of Disney Enterprise Inc. It’s worth noting that Disney seemingly had no direct involvement in the decision. Since there were no issues with the piece “for years” beforehand, however, the artist believes there could be a link to the Disney Plus show’s newfound popularity.

The artwork in question does originate from Marvel Comics — which is owned by Disney. The “Low Key” pun appears on Loki’s shirt, and, seemingly, that was enough reason for Redbubble to issue a takedown. That said, the artist did make edits to the text color and font and plans to appeal the decision.

Until this is straightened out, Loki fans may want to be mindful about including depictions of the Disney character. Unfortunately, it might be best to keep that specific fandom to watching the show. Speaking of, get the need-to-know info on the second episode’s twist ending.

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