Loki villain surprises fans in episode 2 twist ending

Loki episode 2 is now out in the wild. For those who haven’t yet seen the new installment, click away from this article to avoid spoilers. Everyone else: Let’s dive into the Loki Sylvie Lushton reveal and what that means for Lady Loki theories.

Who is Sylvie Lushton in Loki?

Loki Sylvie Lushton

Sylvie Lushton is the identity of the Enchantress.

While many assumed the Variant appearing at the end of episode 2 was Lady Loki, the credits for the Castilian Spanish dub have instead revealed that it is Sylvie. Though only her first name is given, it’s highly likely that this is Sylvie Lushton.

In the comics, Sylvie Lushton was created by Loki. Loki gave Sylvie her powers. In the MCU, it’s possible that Sylvie is working for the evil version of Loki, or is looking to get revenge against her creator.

Whatever Sylvie’s motivation, it’s clear that she poses a serious threat to the TVA and the Sacred Timeline. She has murdered many TVA agents and stolen Reset Charges.

At the end of the episode, the Variant is revealed to be Sylvie. She can control the minds of others, much like Loki did while wielding the Tesseract. Her attire mirrors Loki’s green armor and she wears a horned crown.

After sending Reset Charges through time portals, Sylvie enters one herself. Loki follows her. This is where the episode ends and fans are left to wonder where the pair traveled to.

While the Variant does appear to be Sylvie, it’s possible that Lady Loki is still going to feature in the show somehow. Let’s keep our eyes open and expect the unexpected (as well as the expected).

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