King Loki trailer tease by Marvel was a masterful misdirection

Many keen-eyed Marvel fans spotted King Loki in the trailers leading up to the finale. However, the God King of Mischief never showed up in Loki episode 6. Did Marvel forget to include that clip or is there something else going on? Here’s the need-to-know info.

Where was King Loki in episode 6?

king loki

King Loki was not in episode 6 because Loki didn’t listen to Miss Minutes and refused her offer of the throne.

The reason King Loki appeared in trailers is that Marvel often misdirects the audience into thinking something is going to happen. This leads to a big surprise during the movie or TV show, as it did in Loki season 1.

The clips of King Loki are a tease of what could have happened if Loki had agreed to the offer extended by Miss Minutes. He Who Remains would have altered the timeline so that both Loki and Sylvie could coexist, with the former becoming king and getting the Infinity Gauntlet, and the latter being left with only happy memories. That is, assuming Miss Minutes was telling the truth.

Instead of becoming king of all, Loki turned down the offer and his path instead led him to an alternate version of the TV. He was bested by Sylvie, disarmed by a kiss. Sylvie then wiped out the defenseless He Who Remains and the timeline began to branch into chaos.

The King Loki footage could have been shot at anytime. It’s set on Asgard, with Loki donning some impressive armor. Marvel could be using the footage exclusively for the trailer misdirect, or maybe it’s a tease at something to come later down the line.

In other Loki news, the TV show has shown how the mischievous man can survive his Infinity War encounter with Thanos.

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