Does Loki episode 6 have a post-credits scene?

Loki episode 6 was the big finale and fans were expecting a post-credits scene to deliver some big reveals and teases for what’s coming next. When the credits begin to roll, there are still many minutes remaining. A lot of people worked on the new Disney Plus show, which means a lot of names to scroll through, but surely there is something more? Here’s the need-to-know info.

Is there a Loki episode 6 post-credits scene?

Loki episode 6 post credits

Yes, there is a Loki episode 6 post-credits scene.

The Loki episode 6 post-credits scene appears as a mid-credits clip. It’s short and played after the stylized credits, before the main roll.

What does the Loki episode 6 post-credits scene mean?

Loki episode 6 post credits

The Loki episode 6 post-credits scene means that there will be a season 2 of the show.

Instead of a tease at what is going to happen next in the MCU, viewers of the final Loki episode got confirmation of a second season.

Some may be disappointed at the lack of a longer post-credits sequence. With the multiverse now in chaos, some may have expected to see Doctor Strange, the most evil version of Kang, of even variants of Spider-Man to appear. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Loki has been a very successful Disney Plus show, so fans will no doubt be happy to learn that season 2 is already confirmed. A release date is not yet known, however.

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