Promo art gives the best look yet at The Suicide Squad’s Starro The Conqueror

A new piece of The Suicide Squad Starro the Conqueror promo art has given fans the best look so far at the monstrous villain of the upcoming DC movie. The Suicide Squad promo also confirms the creature is keeping its full comics name of Starro the Conqueror, as until now the movie has only referred to it as a kaiju or “Project Starfish.” The Suicide Squad villain looks accurate to the comics, with one massive eye in the center of its body, along with seemingly confirming it has the ability to conquer minds with its star-shaped spores.

New The Suicide Squad Starro the Conqueror promo art

The Suicide Squad Starro

The promo art was spotted and posted on Twitter by user Mikhail Villarreal, which includes multiple shots of the movie’s cast and a really cool redesign of The Suicide Squad logo. However, the most notable is what seems to be a sticker of Starro the Conqueror, showing the movie’s villain in its entirety for the first time — as well as confirming its name, although there is no indication yet of whether it will be spoken out loud in the movie itself.

What’s interesting to note is the image of Starro seems to be based on this promotional image for DC Comics MMO DC Universe Online, with Starro looming behind the main characters with starfish drones covering their faces — although it could also be referencing this classic comic cover by Brian Bolland.

The Suicide Squad is out very soon: July 30 in the UK, August 5 in the US, and has a spin-off series Peacemaker that will debut exclusively on HBO Max in January 2022 and today had its directors confirmedJames Gunn already has plenty of ideas for Season 2, even if that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Don’t forget that there’s also a Suicide Squad game coming next year too, from Batman: Arkham Asylum creators Rocksteady.