Despite Sony’s Absence, Nintendo E3 2019 Is Still On

Nintendo E3 2019 is still on despite their big industry competitor Sony deciding not to make a showing at the Western world’s premier gaming convention.

We’re just about six months away from E3 2019. Sony has already announced that they won’t be showing up to next year’s conference and the absence of one of the biggest gaming companies is sure to be felt. Nintendo had not yet made an announcement on the subject until very recently when they confirmed that Nintendo E3 2019 is much more likely than not.

What will we see at Nintendo E3 2019? That is a question that’s a bit difficult to answer. While the Japanese company’s physical presence at the show hasn’t always matched that of its contemporaries, Nintendo still manages to create a heck of a lot of buzz through their Nintendo Direct media presentations and similar offerings like Nintendo Treehouse and the Nindies Showcase. “People tune in to find out what’s new and to have first playable experiences for our industry,” said company COO Reggie Fils-Aime to IGN. “That’s why E3 is important to Nintendo.”

The bar is certainly set a bit lower when compared against a company that isn’t showing up, but that doesn’t mean that Nintendo will be resting on their laurels. Each year, they focus on changing things up in a way that will best highlight the strongest offerings that they put forward. As a general rule, Mr. Fils-Aime likes to largely focus on games that will be releasing sooner rather than later.

“Broadly speaking, we like to talk about games that are closer,” Fils-Aime explains to IGN. “Typically, for example, at E3, we’ll focus on content maybe extending into the first or second calendar quarter following E3.” When Nintendo does make the rare exception, he says that they’re “doing it for very specific reasons.” Mainly, they want to balance assuring fans that they’re still making progress on their highly-anticipated projects like the core Pokemon RPG (expected sometime in late 2019) while not frustrating them by showing content from games that won’t be released anytime soon.

Reggie Fils-Aime considers Nintendo E3 2019 “a bit of a no-brainer” – perish the thought of passing up the opportunity to get your games in front of so many people! The world will be watching when Nintendo, Microsoft, and countless other big gaming companies take the stage at the five-day gaming convention. We’ll never be quite sure what to expect until it actually happens, but Nintendo is keen on delivering the best experience possible.