The Nintendo Switch Now Has a Santa Tracker

There are certain applications that prove that your gadget has made it. A way to watch YouTube or Netflix is a must if you support video. Any gaming device worth its salt will quickly gain the ability to play Tetris. If your device is in the hands of kids, there’ll be a way for them to track jolly old St. Nick. The Nintendo Switch has now made it thanks to Onteca’s Santa Tracker, a $3 application that will let the young and the young at heart see where in the world Santa Claus is on that one fateful night.

While this tracker will indeed pinpoint the magic sleigh’s location on Christmas Eve, there are also plenty of things to do the rest of the year. You can read Santa’s blog to get updates from happenings in the North Pole in the lead up to December 25. You can study case files from the “Santa Investigation Department,” including a preserved piece of leftover pie. There’s also an Advent calendar that lets you count down the days by feeding you more Santa-related events and affairs.

New to this year’s version of the app, Santa Claus will be narrating some of the news from the North Pole in the audio section. When asked about why he was opening up operations, the immortal bearded man was happy to share.

“I often get asked about day-to-day life at Santa HQ and Toy Design Central, so I’m letting you into a few of our trade secrets as you read or listen to my blog,” stated Santa.

Santa Tracker has been available on iPhone, Android, and Kindle devices since at least 2012. There, the Santa tracking is free, while the blog and pie-related investigations cost a nominal fee. It makes sense that it’d be an all or nothing charge on a game console, which has more limited options when it comes to in-game microtransactions. The free mobile version also has ads, which the Switch version likely will not have.