Pokemon Unite players on Switch and mobile can get Zeraora for free

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have revealed that Pokemon Unite Zeraora will be free to all players. This Pokemon Unite free DLC will be available to all fans of the electric-type cat Pokemon and can be claimed quite easily by players on both Nintendo Switch and mobile, via iOS or Android. The bad news is that there’s a set time limit to claim Zeraora after the Pokemon Unite release date this month. Here’s how to claim Zeraora for Pokemon Unite on Switch or mobile.

How to get Pokemon Unite Zeraora for free on Switch

Pokemon Unite Zeraora

Nintendo has announced that all players logging in to the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Unite will be able to claim Zeraora entirely for free as long as they log in to the game anytime before August 31 — so over a month after release. It may be strictly a bonus for early adopters of the game, but as Pokemon Unite is a free title anyone looking to get Zeraora can simply download the game on Switch, create an account, claim Zeraora, and then delete the app if they don’t want to play it right now.

How to get Pokemon Unite Zeraora for free on iOS and Android

Getting Zeraora for free on Pokemon Unite’s mobile version is a little less clear, since the game doesn’t launch for iOS and Android devices until September. However, the team has promised that players on mobile will still be able to claim Zeraora for free, but they will have to wait for details closer to the launch. The funny thing is that there is cross-progression and crossplay between Switch and mobile, so conceivably if someone misses the window to get Zeraora on Switch before the August 31 deadline then they can simply download the mobile app and claim it there later instead.