Pokemon Unite MOBA revealed by Tencent and Nintendo

Pokemon Unite has been revealed as “the first strategic team-based Pokemon battle game” in today’s Pokemon Direct. This brand-new game was created from a partnership with Nintendo and Tencent to make something we’ve never seen before: a Pokemon MOBA.

In this brand-new Pokemon game, two teams of five players (each commanding their own Pokemon) will assemble on opposite sides of a battlefield with three lanes. The field has five goals (or scoring areas) on each side; players must move their Pokemon into the goals to score points.

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It wouldn’t be a MOBA without creeps, and Pokemon Unite delivers that as well. You’ll have to defeat wild Pokemon in the field to gain experience. As you defeat more and more enemies, you’ll level up and evolve your Pokemon into something more powerful. Players who sustain too much damage can retreat back to their spawn point in order to heal.

Following the conclusion of the introduction, we saw a 5v5 battle take place. Ultimately, the goal is to move along the lanes, defeat wild Pokemon, level up, and score points at the goals, and defeat your enemies when necessary. Whoever can score the most points will win the game!

Pokemon Unite Charizard pick

Pokemon Unite was largely created by Timi Studios, one of the many subsidiaries under Tencent. From what we’ve seen of the controls, it looks like Pokemon Unite was going to be a mobile game, but that’s not all — it will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch with cross-platform play.

This all-new Pokemon game is going to be a free-to-play title. Specifically, the video refers to it as “free-to-start” and it emphasizes that there are going to be in-app purchases. What those purchases might be haven’t yet been revealed.

Pokemon Unite is still in development and we’re sure to hear more details about it in the near future. For now, you can check out Pokemon Unite gameplay in today’s Pokemon Presents!