Pokemon Unite has a Battle Pass complete with Pikachu in a little hoodie and hat

Image: Twitter / @NoRogueRenegade

Pokemon Unite has launched today, bringing free-to-play MOBA action to players. As is the case with most free-to-play titles, there are a lot of outlets for microtransactions, with a premium currency, and other quality of life items to make unlocking delicious cosmetic items easier to get your hands on.

What is the Pokemon Unite Battle Pass Price?

Pokemon Unite Battle Pass Price how many levels

The Battle Pass marks the first of its kind for the Pokemon franchise. Pokemon games have largely remained contained experiences that have rarely employed microtransactions. Even in mobile titles like Pokemon GO, they have been for in-game items. Pokemon Unite is clearly a little different though and employs more service-like staples.

The Battle Pass is available for 490 Aeon Gems, the game’s premium currency. There is also an option to pay 945 Aeon Gems to instantly get the Battle Pass and 10 levels. 490 Aeon Gems costs $7.99, while 1220 Aeon Gems is $19.99.

How many levels are in the Pokemon Unite Battle Pass?

Once you have the Battle Pass, you can gain experience and levels by playing the game. The more you play, the more levels you will climb. There are 90 levels in total, and it’s filled with rewards along the way. For instantly buying the premium version, you will get a Hip Hop Pikachu skin, which dresses Pikachu up in a hoodie and electric bolt flat peak. It’s delightfully cute. On the other end of the scale, at level 90, a Captain style for Cinderace, if you want to feel a little pirate-y.

Besides that, there are a ton of rewards to make use of here. There are over a thousand Aeos Tickets as well as items of clothing for your avatar.  There are also Item Enhancers up for grabs. Some rewards are available to those who don’t buy the premium version of the Battle Pass, though they are much less frequent and valuable.

If you would like the lowdown on how to destroy the Goal Zones you need to win a match, why not look at our guide? In other Nintendo news, the company also recently revealed that it had “no plans” to make a Switch Pro model.

Pokemon Unite is out now for free on the Nintendo Switch.