Ghost Recon Wildlands Gets Free Future Soldier Update

The popular newest edition in the Tom Clancy franchise, Ghost Recon Wildlands, just got a free Future Soldier update. This two part special event mission pays homage to the hit Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier from the previous gen of consoles. The event starts today across all platforms and will feature characters from the previous game. This is also only part one of the two-part Future Soldier update.

The PvE content called Operation Silent Spade will see soldiers Scott Mitchell and John Kozak add you to their team to investigate a nuclear threat and can be played solo or in co-op with four other players. Completion will grant players the Optical Camo Backpack and the Silent Spade Pack for extra Ghost customization.

The Future Soldier update also includes a new PvP mode with two additional Ghost War classes inspired by Future Soldier called Vanguard and Sharpshooter. The Vanguard class has sensor grenades to help them find hidden enemies for their team. Sharpshooters are effective at long range and can use fully charged abilities which help to reduce sway and bullet drop off.

These come packaged with two new PvP maps called Lithium Mine and Outskirts for people to try out these new classes.

Ubisoft promises that Year 2 content will continue to come to Ghost Recon Wildlands. Further free special operations updates are planned and they’ll all include updates to the PvE campaign, Ghost War PvP and follow a unique theme much like this Future Soldier update.

This isn’t the first update themed off a previous Tom Clancy title. Back in April, Sam Fisher returned for a Splinter Cell batch of free DLC for Ghost Recon Wildlands despite a new lack of a new announced Splinter Cell game. More recently, Ubisoft also added a Permadeth mode to the game alongside some new maps and classes.