PlayStation 4 Dominates Pornhub Traffic for Consoles, Bowsette Popular

Pornhub has put out their annual Year in Review infographic, and it looks like video games consoles do play a role in how people, well… watch porn. The PlayStation 4 takes top honor this year for Pornhub traffic relating to consoles, while a certain fan character is getting special recognition as well.

The PlayStation 4, at over 54.4 percent, brings in the most Pornhub traffic (h/t ResetEra — safe for work, folks). Despite being far ahead, it actually dropped 3 percent from last year. The Xbox One, which grew 3 percent this year, isn’t too far behind with 33 percent. The Vita, Wii U and 3DS trail behind. Interestingly, PlayStation Vita traffic has increased 50 percent from 2017’s numbers.

In terms of searches, two video game related items made the top ten list. Fortnite, which has broken all kinds of sales records this year, was the second most searched item, only behind Stormy Daniels. Pornhub noted in the infographic that each time a new Fortnite character was released, searches for the game would increase dramatically.

While Fortnite overall was the more popular term in 2018, the most searched for video game character of the year is one that, well, doesn’t really exist. Bowsette is a result of people imagining what it would be like if Bowser grabbed the Super Crown, an item in the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe that allows Toadette to transform into Peachette, essentially giving her Princess Peach’s abilities. Apparently, people are imagining many things about Bowsette, as there were 34.6 million searches for her this year on the site, ranking in at number nine on their top ten most searched list.

Other top video game character searches include Bridgette, Mercy, and Ashe from Overwatch, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, and Zelda from the Legend of Zelda.

Dr. Laurie Betito, director of the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center (yes, it’s a thing) says that these kind of searches are due to people searching for something they’re already interested in.

“Searches like these serve as an indication that people use this site to not only satisfy sexual urges but also to get a different angle on something they are already interested in. To see a famous character or hot topic in a sexual context.”