Star Wars Battlefront 2 December Update Welcomes General Kenobi and More

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 December update is upon us and it’s laid out all the big changes for the game along with a few hints as to what’s to come in 2019. Players can expect Obi-Wan Kenobi to go through a fair few changes, but there are also a couple of changes to Blast. DICE also gave fans some pointers to what will be coming to the game in 2019 with regard to lightsaber combat and more.

But Kenobi is the first target in DICE’s sights. Players will see the Jedi hipster in a whole new outfit with General Kenobi making his way into the game. The outfit sees Kenobi sporting some battle armor covered with—and I hope I’m right with this—a short Jedi robe. The outfit won’t come cheap though: players will have to part with 40,000 credits or 1,000 crystals. Crystals are the paid currency in the game, meaning you’ll be spending $10 of real-world cash to see Kenobi prance about in a general’s costume.

DICE will continue to iron out the finer points of Obi-Wan throughout December, with planned adjustments to how he moves, the variations of his attacks, and his character model. These won’t be changes that are glaringly obvious, though DICE has said that the changes should make Kenobi move a little more realistically.

December will also see changes to the game’s Blast mode. With community feedback on the use of squads in Blast being fairly positive, DICE has opted to make this a mainstay for the game mode.

As for what’s coming in 2019, DICE is focusing on quite a lot, with troop customization, hero balancing, emote wheels, and more in the works. There are also the planned changes to lightsaber combat, which will remove the stagger that occurs when you hit an opposing hero who is defending. Players will also have to learn how to better handle a hero’s stamina as future updates will mean that once a hero is out of breath, they won’t be able to attack. You can find a full list of the planned changes for next year here.