Soul Calibur 6 2B Release Date Revealed, DLC Content Drops Soon

Looks like the tale of swords and souls is set for another shocking twist after Bandai Namco confirmed the Soul Calibur 6 2B release date. The android fighter from Nier Automata will be entering the ring almost two months after her initial character reveal. 2B is only the second guest character of the iconic fighting game, joining alongside The Witcher 3‘s Geralt who was included in the base game’s roster.

Don’t ask us how 2B’s arrival makes any sense to the game’s medieval setting because we can’t answer that. What we can tell you, though, is that the beloved android from Platinum Games’ Nier Automata will be joining the Soul Calibur 6 roster on December 18.

2B will be bringing along her trusted swords, Virtuous Contract and Virtuous Treaty with her. From the looks of the character reveal we saw back in October, 2B looks like she’ll a favorite for those who prefer fighters of the speedy variety. Because while 2B may not be as speedy as the likes of Taki, she’s able to string together a stream of sword attacks before zipping across the ring and impaling her opponent with a few ethereal lances that she has just laying around.

2B is only the second guest character we’ve seen so far in this iteration of Soul Calibur, with Geralt taking a break from his Witcher duties to kick some heads in at the game’s launch. Though the series has a long history of introducing iconic characters from other games into its roster with the likes of Link, Ezio Auditore, and Yoda all making appearances in previous Soul Calibur titles.

There’s still no confirmation for how much 2B will cost to buy as an individual character, though Tira – the game’s first DLC fighter – costs $6, so a similar price for 2B is more than likely when she arrives on December 18.