Navi Can Compete With Nvidia’s High-End GPUs, Says AMD

According to AMD, the company’s upcoming graphics cards Navi can compete with the best Nvidia has to offer. Of course with the recent history of Radeon cards, many fans will want to see this before they even dare to believe it.

PCGamesN talked with the senior VP of engineering for AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group David Wang who spoke fondly of better times when AMD was seen as a true competitor for Nvidia’s products.

“That’s how you make this business so excitement, so interesting,” he told PCGamesN. “That’s how you make gamers so excited about new hardware every year. I think somehow we kind of lost that momentum. But what I’m trying to say is we are determined to go back to that cadence, to make this business more fun.”

Dr. Lisa Su, who’s now the CEO of AMD but comes from an engineering background, has also touted that the future of Radeon cards like the Navi can compete with the best of them.

“We will be very competitive overall and that includes the high-end of the GPU market,” said Dr. Su. “Obviously, there are some new products out there from our competition. We will have our set of new products as well and we’ll be right there in the mix.”

It’s still hard to say exactly what this will mean for the new Navi architecture. Specs which leaked recently put the cards at about the same level as the Nvidia RTX 2070, GTX 1070, and GTX 1060 only at a lower price. While these are all nice cards, they still aren’t quite reaching the best that Nvidia has to offer considering the RTX 2080 Ti.

Most consumers will probably want to wait and see if AMD can deliver on this promise. Many have been burned with some of the recent offerings and at this point it’s hard to just trust AMD on its word. Something that might add a little confidence is the rumor that the PlayStation 5 will be using AMD architecture, including one of these Navi GPUs.