Super Smash Bros Ultimate Lag May Be the Worst in the Series

Analysis of the newest Smash Bros game seems to indicate that Super Smash Bros Ultimate lag may be the worst out of any in the series. If you’ve been noticing that the way your main responds to your button pushes just doesn’t feel quite right, then you’re not alone.

According to USgamer, some people have noticed that the Super Smash Bros Ultimate lag is as high as six frames per second. Fans seem to think this number is far too high when compared to something like fan favorite Super Smash Bros Melee where the lag only sits at three frames per second.

However, other fighting game fans are saying this isn’t that unusual. According to several Reddit users, many modern fighting games including Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 have the same amount of lag. Some argue that this feels worse in such a fast-paced game like Smash but others think something else is at play here. According to Reddit user Jehtt, it could be the online modes way of coping with lag that makes this feel so bad, rather than the lag itself.

“I think a big problem is that online modes add a ton of input delay to compensate for lag instead of using a rollback system like most online fighting games do,” explained Jehtt.

With all this said, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is selling extremely well. This latest Smash title has even broken records in Japan and had the biggest release of any Switch game so far in the U.K.

As was announced at 2018 The Game Awards, Persona 5‘s Joker will be joining the line up as DLC, which sets up an interesting standard for the future of the Smash DLC roadmap. This is especially true when you consider that every character added to Smash is predecided before the game has even begun development.