Fortnite Leaker Threatened With Legal Action By Epic, Closes Down Accounts (Update)

Update: An Epic Games PR representative has commented on this story stating:

“The owner of this account and others promoted and advertised the sale of game modification tools which violate our terms of service, and this is not directly related to data mining or leaking.”

Fortnite leaker has closed down social media channels after being sent a cease & desist letter from Epic Games’ lawyers.

Companies are rarely fond of anyone who puts out leaks of upcoming game content and it seems that Epic Games isn’t all that different. FNBRLeaks was a popular Twitter account with associated communities on other platforms followed by a quarter million people. It was pretty on the ball with getting regular leaks out, but it seems that the fun has come to an end after Epic Games sent this Fortnite leaker a cease & desist notice.

FNBRLeaks posted a statement on Twitlonger explaining the situation to their fans:

“I am not going to go into specifics with this, but. Due to the request of an Epic Games Attorney who i’m not going to disclose, my Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Instagram, and GitHub must be deleted, or else they will take action. Thank you all for the support and followers over my 7 month span of the FNBRLeaks twitter. Sadly, everything comes to an end.

Thank you,

Preston aka FNBRLeaks”

The Fortnite leaker Twitter account has since been closed down at the time of writing. An archive of the account’s last few moments is up, but other than that, it’s gone.

FNBRLeaks was arguably the go-to account for finding out the latest news about the game in advance of an official announcement. That fact cited in Epic Games’ cease & desist letter, stating that the account “spoiled the game for millions of people who play and/or watch Fortnite“. Discussion at the /r/FortniteBR subreddit paints a different picture with many people saying that they enjoyed the leaks and that they got them hyped for upcoming content.

As far as we know, Epic Games hasn’t yet reached out to any of the other leaker accounts out there. It may just be a matter of time before they receive a similar notice from the Fortnite developer.

[via Eurogamer]