Call of Duty Mobile Game “Legends of War” Released in Some Regions

The latest Call of Duty mobile game Legends of War has been released in selected regions. While reports suggest the game is only available an alpha test, players in Australia have said the game appears on the region’s Google Store. Other than the Australian soft-launch release, there are no details of when the title will release worldwide.

According to Charlie INTEL, the new Legends of War mobile game is being developed by PUBG Mobile team Tencent, after a partnership with Activision was made earlier this year. At the moment, Legends of War has only been accessible to Australian players but a Facebook page for the game has surfaced that shares some features. Rather surprisingly, Legends of War won’t include a battle royale mode, instead, it will deliver 5v5 multiplayer matches which include “ Team Deathmatch, Frontline, and more!”

Along with the classic multiplayer modes, it looks like Zombies will be playable on mobile, with the description reading, “Overcome hordes of the undead in stunningly visual PvE Raids. Play Solo or Co-Op with your friends!” Whether it’s a specific iteration of Zombies that are available or a mish-mash of different maps isn’t yet known but it looks like you’ll be able to kill the undead on the go at some point.

Players will be able to choose from a roster of familiar faces, too, with characters from the Modern Warfare series and Ghosts making appearances. Also making a return are the Call of Duty perks, suggesting you’ll be able to call in attack helicopters and the like in multiplayer matches.

As for the controls, the page explains that the controls for Legends of War have been “built from the ground up for mobile devices.” This suggests that Tencent will be providing something markedly different to what PUBG Mobile plates are familiar with.

As for when we’ll see Legends of War available worldwide, it’s not entirely clear. At the moment, the alpha version in Australia is only available on Android, suggesting that Tencent still has a ways to go before it’ll arrive worldwide.