PlayStation Australia Announces New PSVR Show

A new show is coming to YouTube from PlayStation Australia that will focus entirely on the brand’s virtual reality offerings. The PSVR show will showcase the games on the platform by pairing them with popular YouTubers and will release new episodes monthly. Its first episode is set to debut on December 19.

A trailer showcasing the first episode of The PS VR Show was uploaded to the PlayStation Australia YouTube account. This would be in Australian time so don’t forget to factor that in if you are keen to check it out.

This new series will see Nich Richardson who’s better known as NichBoy as the host. Richardson was previously known for his role in the beloved Australian TV video game related show, Good Game. He then worked on another Australian TV show screenPLAY with fellow former Good Game host Stephanie Bendixsen. Unfortunately, screenPLAY was cancelled after less than a year on the air.

The first episode of The PSVR Show will feature YouTuber Cheru, who focuses on VR content as well as YouTube channel SkillUp which is known for its core game reviews. In this episode, it seems Richardson will be showing his guests Tetris Effect the Tetris VR game exclusive to PSVR as well as the 3D painting experience CoolPaintr VR.

Whether the show will branch out into titles which are not PlayStation VR exclusives remains to be seen. As the show is made by PlayStation Australia, it seems likely they’ll focus first on content made explicitly for the platform so games like Astro Bot Rescue Mission are likely candidates for future episodes.

However, some of the most popular and well received VR games like Beat Saber (which is due a new song pack soon) and Super Hot VR are cross-platform titles. It will be interesting to see if PlayStation Australia decides to include them in this new PSVR Show.