Beat Saber DLC Pack Hopefully Out By End of Year

The ever-popular VR game where you hack and slash through blocks to the beat has had fans waiting for new songs for quite some time. The good news is the first Beat Saber DLC pack should be ready by the end of this year, according to the CEO of Beat Games studio.

When asked by fans on Twitter about the promised upcoming song pack, Beat Games CEO Jaroslav Beck replied by stating that the company was indeed still making it.

Another series of tweets from the official Beat Saber account teases Christmas gifts coming to the game across all platforms. It’s hard to say whether this will just be the same song pack that has already been teased. Some fans are speculating that it may be actual Christmas-themed content such as red and green sabers or holiday songs added to the lineup.

The highly anticipated Beat Saber‘s first song pack may not mean much for Vive players. They can use mods for the PC version of the game to add user created songs and content though there’s a good chance a lot of it isn’t particularly legal.

However, PSVR players have a lot to be excited for as their library of songs has been limited since its launch last month. This song pack was always said to be expected “very soon” after this launch, so it’s good to see that this is likely still the case.

Though lacking in mods, the PlayStation VR game does offer some additional content over what players can get officially on PC. It launched with five new songs not seen on PC as well as practice, party, single saber, and no directional modes to add a little more spice to the game.

PC players are also still looking forward to the official level editor which is talked about on the Beat Saber Steam page but there’s no word if this new song pack will bring anything like that to PSVR.