Soulja Boy Game Consoles Seemingly Unstoppable, Launches $640 ‘Fuze’ and $99 ‘Mini’

The Soulja Boy Game Consoles just won’t stop coming! The rapper and entrepreneur has launched another two video game systems on his SouljaWatch website. Soulja Boy announced the SouljaGame Fuze and Retro SouljaBoy Mini via a pair of tweets. These two new consoles are adding to the game systems he launched earlier in December.

The Retro SouljaBoy Mini is the second of the two Soulja Boy game consoles recently announced. This particular device is aesthetically similar to a Game Boy with some neat additions: a pair of shoulder buttons are placed on the top of the handheld. It retails for $99.99 ($69.99 sale price) and includes a data cable which presumably can also be used to charge the system. No mention is made of pre-loaded games. The Retro SouljaBoy Mini is manufactured by Anbernic just like the two previously-announced machines.

As for the SouljaGame Fuze, this machine is geared more towards a home audience. The second of the new Soulja Boy game consoles is awfully light on the details. An image on the store page boasts that it has “global 200+ content partners” with logos for Ubisoft, Deep Silver, 505 Games, and several other companies. Another image states “The introduction of paragraph 76 games, starting 20 games shock.” These store assets appear to be poorly-translated English and I can’t quite decipher if this system actually includes any games or not. The SouljaGame Fuze retails for $640 ($399.99 sale price).

In our previous story, a Redditor managed to track down suspiciously-similar devices to the other Soulja Boy game consoles on Alibaba, an importer-exporter exchange site where businesses can buy products in bulk. I took a peek around and found a handheld console that appears to be similar to the Retro SouljaBoy Mini. This supports the notion put forward by some Redditors that the rapper/entrepreneur may be ordering the devices in bulk from Alibaba (or a similar site) and shipping them directly to customers.

My search for anything similar to the SouljaGame Fuze proved fruitless, at least on Alibaba. That makes the highest-end console offered on Soulja Boy’s website a bit of mystery. What games the bigger machine comes with (if any) and what exactly it can do is currently unknown. There better be some good enthusiast PC hardware contained within to justify the price!