Soulja Boy opens ‘Souljastore,’ another digital storefront selling questionable merch

Soulja Boy has opened the Souljastore, a brand-new online venture selling a variety of different merchandise. The new online shop has a mix of jewelry, clothing, and electronics, although it’s lacking a distinct product line that had recently given him some trouble: game consoles. Instead, the Chicago-born rapper seems to be focused on selling apparel in his latest venture more than anything else.

Previously, Soulja Boy has mainly centered on selling electronics like the Souljawatch smartwatch, SouljaPods wireless headphones, and various other devices. He had spent some time selling game consoles pre-loaded with ROMs— 5 million of them, so he claimed — before rumored legal threats from Nintendo caused him to stop selling the game consoles on his store. Some time after the rumored Nintendo trouble, an ex-employee allegedly took down his online shop, forcing him to open a brand-new one. A brand new store called the Souljastore has since entered the mix.

A casual glance at the Souljastore catalog shows a variety of faux gold jewelry and clothing largely centered on cannabis culture. Notably, Soulja Boy’s newest venture doesn’t have any of those game consoles that had been hyped up so heavily in the latter days of 2018, although there are some electronics. Apparently, this is the only place where one can get the SouljaPods 2.

There are only two other items for purchase in the Electronics section: a phone case with The Simpsons-styled art and a pair of headphones valued at $179.00 and selling for $69.99. As with his game consoles (and many of his other previous products), the “Soulja Camo Headphones” are actually the Onikuma Pro Gaming headset and can be purchased for a good deal cheaper than Soulja Boy’s roughly 300–600 percent markup.

Although the Souljastore doesn’t really focus on gaming, it’s likely that we’ll be hearing more from him in the gaming world. After all, he recently released a Zelda-themed rap and he still has plans for that Esports team. You can see the products for sale for yourself at