Soulja Boy angers Dogecoin creator with ‘scam’ Rap Doge cryptocurrency

Image: Greg Doherty / Contributor / Getty Images

Celebrity rapper Soulja Boy, known for being the innovator of the Soulja Game console range, is facing scrutiny from the creator of Dogecoin. The DOGE developer asserts that Soulja Boy is “either very stupid or a terrible human being,” based on his support of Rap Doge tokens. Rap Doge is a new cryptocurrency that shot up in value following a heavy marketing push yesterday, before quickly falling off. This is often an indication of “pump and dump” schemes, which are illegal though not uncommon.

Soulja Boy, Lil Yachty, and Davido promote ‘scam’ cryptocurrency

Soulja Boy Rap Doge tokens scam


Rap Doge is available now, though has fallen by 72% in the past 14 hours as compared to yesterday’s all-time high. That’s a noteworthy drop, which some interpret as an indicator of a fraudulent pump and dump scam. In the anonymous world of cryptocurrency, however, that’s incredibly hard to prove.

Most notably, Dogecoin creator Billy Markus (“Shibetoshi Nakamoto”) made a direct response to Soulja Boy on Twitter. In the response, Markus asserts that Rap Doge is a “scam” cryptocurrency. Further to that point, the tweet continues to deem any individual with a role in Rap Doge “very stupid or a terrible human being.”

Soulja Boy, Lil Yachty, and Davido each displayed an interest in “pumping” Rap Doge prior to its steep drop-off. Following a barrage of tweets from all parties, the Twitter promotion has now subsided alongside Rap Doge’s value. Rap Doge is “fully supported by celebrities & rappers,” though it isn’t entirely clear how far that support goes.

It’s impossible to say what happened with certainty, though the Dogecoin developer didn’t hesitate to share his thoughts on the matter. Since there’s a potential conflict of interest, it’s also worth noting that Billy Markus no longer has any official association with Dogecoin.

In the past, Soulja Boy has stated that he isn’t scared of Nintendo. Despite this, the rapper would later remove Soulja Consoles from sale due to rumored legal threats from the Japanese company. He’d then go on to use Nintendo-owned samples in his music.