SouljaWatch down, Soulja Boy claims cameraman hacked website

An ex-cameraman has reportedly brought Souljawatch down according to rapper Soulja Boy. The Chicago-born musician who has recently dipped his toe in the gaming world has found that his online shop is no longer functional. He claims in a tweet that it was brought down by a cameraman that he no longer employs and implores the folks at Shopify (an e-commerce platform for running online stores) to get in touch with him so he can restore his website and get back to business.

With SouljaWatch down, gamers won’t be able to buy any of Soulja Boy’s tech products. He first entered the gaming world as a businessman by launching a pair of consoles and followed it up with another two gaming systems. While the sales of these first four consoles were stopped by Soulja Boy due to rumored legal action, he later returned with a new SouljaGame Handheld that was a different device sharing the same brand name of his previous handheld product.

It should be noted that most of these consoles put out by the rapper aren’t especially unique or interesting — the majority of them can be easily found on Amazon, Alibaba, and the like, often at much cheaper prices. It would have been nice to at least see some kind of special Soulja Boy branding at the minimum, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for his video game machines. His previous machines purportedly had dozens or hundreds of ROMs built-in and his newer offerings appear to avoid that issue, likely reducing the chances of him facing any legal action on the sale of these devices.

Shopify Support has publicly stated that they’re working with him to restore his website and fix the issue that brought Souljawatch down. Whatever ultimately happens to his online store, he’ll still be quite involved in the gaming world. Soulja Boy has said that he plans to enter the world of Esports sometime in early 2019