New SouljaGame Handheld available, marks Soulja Boy’s return to gaming

new SouljaGame Handheld has popped up on the SouljaWatch website. This is now the fifth gaming console put out by the Chicago-born rapper and entrepreneur Soulja Boy in the last two months. Soulja Boy originally launched two consoles in December and then followed it up with another two gaming machines, but the sales of these products were halted after being on the market for less than a month. Despite this setback, he hasn’t given up on his desire to be involved in the gaming industry.

Soulja Boy revealed his latest product in a recent tweet linking to the store’s page. The new Souljagame Handheld features a 4.3-inch screen in a 16:9 aspect ratio with a resolution of 480×272. It has 8 gigs of onboard memory, so you’ll have plenty of space to load it up with whatever the heck you feel like. You don’t have to use it for games, mind—it’s also a quite capable camera and MP3 player. You can even hook it up to your PC to use it as a camera or output the screen to your television. Interestingly, this particular product makes no mention of any games included with your purchase. That may very well contribute to this new handheld sticking around for a little longer than just a month.

Much like his other video game offerings, this new SouljaGame Handheld appears to be a drop-shipped product from elsewhere at a markup. Twitter user @SamTheEditorYT pointed out that it’s available on Amazon at less than half the price and Alibaba has no shortage of aesthetically-similar (and often, functionally-similar) handheld consoles to choose from. It would have been nice if there was at least some kind of unique branding on this device, but alas. It should be noted that this SouljaGame Handheld is different from the previous one which shared the same name.

There’s no telling if this new SouljaGame Handheld will stick around or if it’s doomed to suffer the same fate as the other SouljaGame machines. Even if it does go the way of the dodo, the rapper is still quite invested in the gaming world—he plans to launch an Esports team sometime this year.