Soulja Boy Says He’s Sold Five Million Units Of His Game Consoles

Soulja Boy has apparently had a lot of success selling his new video game products. After starting to sell game consoles that seem to be nothing more than extremely overpriced emulators, he’s gone on to say that he’s sold a very high number of Soulja consoles since launch.

In a now-deleted tweet (via GameRant), Soulja Boy said that he has sold over five million units of his game consoles since he started to sell the emulators on his site earlier this month. There’s no real way of determining just how many units he’s sold since launch, but if that number is true, he may have just had one of the best launches in video game history.

The rapper has made video game headlines throughout the month since launching the emulators in his store, which features customized products with his logo on it. Obviously, all of this is rather fishy, and selling $99.99 consoles that go for around $59.99 on Amazon is highly suspect in of itself. But things may be going well, regardless: according to him, the success of these consoles are so quick and rapid that he may even wind up opening a SouljaTech store in California.

He has been very defensive about his products, even going on Twitter unleashing homophobic rants on people who question the legitimacy of what he’s doing, and isn’t afraid of any retribution by Nintendo, who has been aggressive in going after people who distribute their ROMs this year.

Selling game consoles is not the only venture in the gaming world Soulja Boy is interested in. He also has interest in launching an eSports franchise in the next year, possibly focusing on games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. He even has high hopes of signing Ninja, whose contract with Luminosity is coming up soon.

We all have high hopes, don’t we?