Soulja Boy ‘SouljaTech’ Store Planned in California, Selling SouljaWatch and Consoles

A Soulja Boy SouljaTech Store is planned in California, so says the Chicago-born rapper with a penchant for eccentric entrepreneurial endeavors. Soulja Boy has been pretty busy lately. He’s launched two consoles earlier this month and followed it with another two just a week later, adding to his collection of high-tech goods sold on his SouljaWatch store. Now he’s keen on expanding his enterprise with the creation of a Soulja Boy Souljatech Store according to a tweet from the man himself.

The tweet mentions that he’ll be selling the SouljaWatch and “Game Console,” although he doesn’t specify which. His current offerings include two handheld machines and two desktop machines. The SouljaGame Handheld and Retro SouljaBoy Mini are portable devices that are reminiscent of older Nintendo handheld designs. The SouljaGame Console and SouljaGame Fuze are larger machines intended for use at home. All of these devices appear to be manufactured in China and are available on import/export stores like Alibaba.

Presumably, these consoles and the other tech products on his store will make up the stock for the upcoming Soulja Boy SouljaTech Store. Although there’s quite a selection here, these items alone may not be enough for a singular enterprise. There may very well be more SouljaTech products coming down the pipeline considering the rate that he’s been releasing things lately.

Aside from the announcement of a Soulja Boy SouljaTech Store, the rapper has also announced on Twitter that he’s looking to take on a few employees for his new venture:

A new @SouljaTech Twitter account and an associated website have popped up last week. Although the account and website have been around for a little while, nothing has been publicly said about them until today. There isn’t anything available yet on this particular storefront which means that they are likely still getting things off of the ground. We also aren’t certain if this is going to be a physical retail location or simply an office from where employees will handle online orders.

Soulja Boy has announced consoles, a store, and his intention to enter the world of esports. He may face some challenges in the future considering the availability of these products elsewhere online and the fact that the consoles appear to come with pre-loaded ROMs, likely without the requisite licenses. Even so, Soulja Boy seems keen on going full steam ahead with his budding tech empire and he just might be able to pull it off.