Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Battle Trailer is an Emotional Rollercoaster

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Battle trailer is upon us and it’s sure to do more than enough to get you excited for the final installment of the series. It’s the last trailer we’ll see before the game’s launch in late January 2019, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it gives us an in-depth look at the story of the game. The final trailer dropped following a leak that gave away pretty much everything in the game after a number of people got their hands on the game early.

Details of the Kingdom Hearts 3 story–aside from the leaked details–have been pretty sparse, but the Final Battle trailer delivers a fair bit of info as to what’ll be keeping you busy in the game. If you watched any of the Kingdom Hearts trailers for previous titles, a lot of it will seem familiar, with Sora’s friends jumping in to stop deadly attacks while other parts are littered with ramblings about the power of a heart or the nonsensical plans of Organization XIII. They’re all there and are joined by some alarming cutscenes that show Olympus in flames, Buzz Lightyear seemingly being possessed by darkness, and even an insinuation that Donald Duck will die.

There’s a fair bit of gameplay mixed in with the trailer showing Sora’s new Stitch summon for the game along with another move that sees his Keyblade turn into what looks like a giant frying pan. Unfortunately, much of the new trailer’s new reveals were slightly spoiled by a massive leak of the game late last week. Details surfaced online after a number of copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 ended up in the hands of a few unnamed people who quickly began giving away huge spoilers for the game. Tetsuya Nomura has since issued a statement asking fans not to share any spoiler videos and confirming that the game’s epilogue and “secret movie” would be locked in the game until its official release date.

It’s been a long, long wait for the final installment of the Kingdom Hearts series, with the last mainline title releasing worldwide way back in 2006. And while the spoilers may be tempting for some fans to cast an eye over–you’ve waited over ten years, you can wait a little longer, right?