Warhammer 40K Animated Series Announced

An official Warhammer 40K animated series has been announced and is currently in the works. The new series called Angels of Death will be the first of its kind for the franchise and is due out in 2019.

Announced on the Warhammer community website, the Warhammer 40K animated series will be made by the same team who made the well-received Heslreach fan film that was based on the Black Library novel.

The Angels of Death series will also use the talents of some of the authors who penned the Black Library story, so you can expect it to also potentially be similar in tone as well as style.

A group of Blood Angels, who are one of the 20 first founding legions of Space Marines, will be the focus of this story. The Warhammer 40K animated series will show how they overcome various enemies, even the Black Rage.

For the uninitiated, the Black Rage is a mental instability which some members of the Blood Angels and their kin can suffer from. The genetic illness can be triggered before a large battle or event and the Blood Angel can be taken over by madness. It’s incredibly rare for a victim to recover from this incident so an animated series about the topic could make for some interesting takes on the condition.

The new project is touted explore the Warhammer 40K universe in a way that has previously been left untouched by the official license. The official announcements also boasts that the Warhmamer 40K animated series will feature “brutal close-bat chainsword duels” amongst other things which really just sounds like it could be a treat.

It’s likely the series will debut on the Warhammer TV YouTube channel once it becomes available, but there is no official date yet. We will likely hear more about it next year.