Smash Bros Ultimate sales

Smash Bros Ultimate Sales Reach 3 Million, Is Fastest Selling Game on Switch

Smash Bros Ultimate sales have already surpassed the 3 million mark in the US just 11 days after being released. The early success of the game means that Smash has, well, smashed sales records for Nintendo and is now the fastest selling game for the Nintendo Switch. It’s not the only record that Nintendo has broken in the US either, with the company also achieving its most profitable year since 2011.

It’s been a rip-roaring start for the latest Smash title with the game managing a massive 3 million copies sold in the US since its release – and the title has seen an extra 1.2 million units in Japan since the game went on sale.

Nintendo had more to celebrate beyond the success of one game though. According to, the company has seen US sales on the Nintendo eShop have more than doubled in comparison to digital sales in 2017. And sales of the Switch this year has seen the publisher become the console being the fastest selling current-gen system.

A string of Nintendo exclusives throughout the year, along with the continued success of titles like the Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey – which reach over 4 million copies sold each in 2018, along with the early success of the Pokemon Let’s Go titles are all reflective of the record-setting success that Nintendo has had in the US this year.

Nintendo of America’s boss for sales and marketing, Doug Bowser (seriously, that’s his name) said that the company is “looking forward to delivering more excitement and smiles to our fans in the coming year and beyond.” And Bowser’s optimism does seem warranted, with upcoming titles like the new Super Mario Bros set for a January release and a Metroid Prime 4 expected at some point in 2019, the signs are looking good for Nintendo as they look to continue their activity in the US.

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