Sony Hologram Controller Patent Details A High-Tech Gaming Device

Sony Hologram Controller patent has popped up at the Patent Office and gives us insight into the high-tech hopes of the Japanese hardware manufacturer.

Sony has always been keen on putting cool stuff in their controllers. The dual analog sticks of the original PlayStation Controller became a game changer with the release of the Dual Analog Controller with a pair of miniature joysticks for your thumbs. The addition of rumble functionality brought us the DualShock we all know and love, and now a Sony Hologram Controller patent has detailed what could be the next step in gaming accessories.

The patent in question operates on a simple premise: it’ll purportedly using an image projector that can enhance gameplay and make for a unique experience. The Sony Hologram Controller patent states that this theoretical device could be either a standalone unit or something that attaches to the controller itself. While projectors have been getting smaller every year, it will likely be some time before we see a device that could be comfortably attached to or embedded within a controller, possibly an AR hybrid.

As is usual with these documents, the Sony Hologram Controller patent goes into a crazy amount of detail. Some of the propositions are reasonable – a handheld device that projects an image on a flat surface is certainly doable with technology on the market right now. However, Sony seems keen on covering all of their bases and they go to great lengths to explain other possibilities. The use of a fog machine is noted as a way to generate a seemingly 3D image that could further enhance gameplay.

Filing the Sony Hologram Controller patent may very well be Sony covering their bases for likely future tech, but it’s also possible that they have a product in development. The one big question that remains is this: how could this be a useful device? Well, the 3DS showed that Nintendo can make some cool stuff happen with a second screen and there are quite a few people with one or more monitors on their computer. Useful information like your ammo count, clues from a game, and who knows what else could be used to enhance your gameplay experience.

We don’t know if this Sony Hologram Controller patent will lead to anything practical – at least in the next few years. What it does show is that Sony has an eye on adding even more cool features to game controllers and what they’ve detailed seemed pretty darn cool. You can see the patent (and it’s hilariously simplistic drawings) for yourself at the World Intellectual Property Organization website.

[via NeoGAF]