Bioshock VR Possibly Teased by Blind Squirrel

A tweet from developers Blind Squirrel seems to suggest that a Bioshock VR game could be on the way. The tweet focuses on the team’s current project, Forklift Simulator 2019, before dropping a surprise mention of the iconic series. Details on the matter are light at the moment but the full story is planned to be announced during a livestream on December 19.

The tweet from Blind Squirrel promises those who tune in to their Twitch stream a “big surprise” before slapping on a Bioshock tag followed by a VR tag, so it’s easy to see why people are thinking such a project is on the cards. For those of you who aren’t sure who Blind Squirrel is, it’s the team behind the Bioshock Collection remaster back in 2016. Though, they’ve also managed a few VR titles recently, developing Forklift Simulator 2019 while they played a role in the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges VR game as well.

The group also has a longstanding relationship with Bioshock publisher 2K, having helped out with Mafia 3 and obviously with the Bioshock series. So, all of this evidence seems to suggest that Blind Squirrel is gearing up for another return to Rapture. But in what way? The team has shown that they’re more than capable of mixing VR and movement with Forklift Simulator, and the idea of getting to explore the series again up close and personal is one that has a lot of fans already pretty excited.

It could also be the case that we get an entirely new experience with a VR game, perhaps taking us on a tour of Rapture of solving a series of puzzles. And of course, it could be that we get something not related to VR at all; a new Bioshock game that’s not reliant on VR would be a festive treat indeed. Whatever the announcement is, we’ll have to wait until Blind Squirrel announces the news at 2 pm on December 19 to find out.