Black Ops 4 Zero Nerf Hits Hard in Latest Update

It was good while it lasted, but it seems the Black Ops 4 Zero nerf has finally happened, and it’s impacted the character in a pretty big way. The change comes after Zero became playable on PS4 versions of the game last week, and was nerfed just in time for Zero’s entrance to Xbox and PC versions of Black Ops 4. Zero was originally able to hack into other players’ killstreaks and use them for her own use.

But that’s all come to an end–sort of–after Treyarch introduced some pretty big changes for Zero. In her new state, it’ll take players longer to activate Zero’s Icepick hacking ability. Players will also notice that Zero will need a lot more time to hack a variety of killstreak tools like the Sentry, Attack Chopper, Gunship, and more, and also that her hacking ability no longer stops players from being able to heal.

In her original state, Zero’s hacking ability meant that players who hadn’t even unlocked the basic killstreaks in a match could hack a player with an Attack Helicopter and use it for their own nefarious schemes. Similarly, she was able to cancel other players’ abilities or distort another player’s UI.

The changes come as a result of some fairly heavy backlash concerning Zero’s abilities. Fans said that Zero wasn’t just an overpowered hero for Black Ops 4 but suggested that she was one of–if not the–most overpowered characters in the Call of Duty series. Professional players reacted to Zero’s ample abilities by agreeing to ban her use from professional matches.

Changes to Zero weren’t the only changes that were introduced. The latest update also saw a wide set of improvements to all platform versions of the game and some platform-specific fixes, with changes to game modes, equipment, and more in the 1.10 update.