Ring of Elysium Banned Players Get an Apology From Devs

A group of Ring of Elysium banned players have received an apology from the game’s developer, Tencent. The apology comes after the players were wrongfully banned because of the game’s zealous anti-cheat software. Along with their bans being lifted, players affected will also receive 1,000 E-Points to use in the game.

Anti-cheat systems can be a fragile thing and it seems the software working to keep cheaters at bay in Ring of Elysium was a tad too rigorous in what it deemed to be cheating. It’s this over-zealous anti-cheat software, or perhaps a bug somewhere within it, that’s caused an ever-growing number of players to be banned from the server. Tencent has since issued an apology for the unwarranted ban explaining that the affected players’ bans will be lifted. Tencent has also offered affected players 1,000 E-Points as a way of an apology in for the mistake, explaining that it will “make sure to take this experience as a lesson in our future Anti-Cheat updates and bring a better gaming experience for all players.”

The reasons players were banned still isn’t clear. Some reported being banned for rappelling down cliffs while others were banned while queuing for a match. The players who did receive bans were told that they would be locked out of the game for ten years, and it seems that even though Tencent has addressed the issue, some players are still experiencing the problem. A couple of hours after Tencent issued the apology, threads popped up with players still getting banned without proper cause. At the moment, the only way to contact the Ring of Elysium team is through an email address found on their website.

Ring of Elysium released in mid-September through early access. The game puts a twist on the conventional battle royale gameplay by letting up to four players win the game. You fight it out on a mountain while using mountain gear and a selection of vehicles to make your way towards the helicopter’s landing zone. Despite the recent issues with the game, Ring of Elysium still boasts a “Very Positive” rating on Steam.