nvidia loses portion of market share

NVIDIA Stock Has Halved Since October

NVIDIA stock has not been having a particularly great run recently. In the last three months, their stock has halved thanks to cryptocurrency waning and a looming trade war.

Back on October 1st, the stock had hit a high of $289.36. But as of this writing, that number has crashed to around $142.93.

One of the big factors in their stock price plummeting may be due to the cryptocurrency trade underperforming. The chips used in NVIDIA’s hardware were extremely popular in the trade, to the point where there were widespread outages of NVIDIA’s chips.

The shortages angered people who just wanted to upgrade their PC video capabilities, but it also resulted in huge market growth for the company. In their last quarter, NVIDIA reported profits (via TechCrunch) of $3.2 billion, a huge number when you compare it to the $1.31 billion they made only a few years ago in 2015.

While the cryptocurrency trade isn’t what it used to be, there are still a number of other companies who are looking to get into the trade, which could have an effect on how NVIDIA’s stock prices do in the future. Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook all have interest in getting into the chip market.

NVIDIA also faces problems beyond just the cryptocurrency trade. The United States and China are currently embroiled in a trade war, and while there seems to be a lull in the fighting, NVIDIA could see its sales in China diminish. $9.7 billion of its revenue came from China last year, and if the relationship between the United States and China continues to deteriorate, NVIDIA could face even more problems.

Despite the mounting problems, NVIDIA is branching out beyond just chips and computer hardware. They are dipping their toes into the AI scene, and have already produced some interesting results. One of their AI projects builds interactive environments based on real video.

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