PUBG Vikendi Map Arrives Just in Time for Christmas

Nothing quite says ‘it’s Christmas’ like a snowy death arena where you kill to survive, and that’s exactly what players are getting in the new PUBG Vikendi map. Vikendi is only live for PC players at the moment, but the map will arrive for PS4 and Xbox players in January. The trailer for the new map shows a host of places for players to explore including an actual Dino Park, do you really need to know anything else?

Having covered the desert and jungle environments, PUBG now offers players a festive treat with the new Vikendi map. Well, console players will have to hold on until January to explore Vikendi, but there’s nothing holding PC players back. It seems like there’s a fair few things to explore in the map, too; before Vikendi became a terrifying wasteland, it looks like it was a pretty kick-ass place to live. Along with the Dino Park that has a maze in it, there’s also an airplane hangar that you can take a stroll through, an abandoned communications tower, and even an aurora borealis you can watch if killing isn’t quite your thing.

Along with some choice attractions for you to have a look at, Vikendi also boasts new vehicles and weapons for the game. The trailer makes a pretty big deal of the new snowmobiles that are usable in Vikendi, showing players racing down a hill and having a shootout while driving. Vikendi also introduces the G36C rifle, which offers easier handling but sacrifices its fire rate in the process.

If you like the look of Vikendi and fancy a bit of an extra challenge, a Vikendi Battle Pass is live from today as well. The Battle Pass offers ten weeks of rewards and exclusive skins that you can earn by completing missions. Players will be able to use the pass itself for free, though missions, selected rewards, and faster-leveling are only available with the Premium Pass that you’ll have to pay for.