The Wolf Among Us 2’s Budget Was Lacking Before Telltale’s Demise

The sudden closure of Telltale Games this fall caused a number of projects to be canceled, including The Wolf Among Us 2. But according to a new report, The Wolf Among Us 2’s budget was small, and development was moving at a snail’s pace.

According to a new Eurogamer report on Telltale’s closure, The Wolf Among Us 2 had just started development as the studio was closed down, which is interesting as the second season had been announced a whole year prior to closure.

“It was so early on that we didn’t have much apart from some concept art and a bit of white boxing for gameplay prototyping,” an artist the world on the project said.

But the development team was small, and Telltale hadn’t put very many resources into the game.

“[The budget was] shoe-string, even by Telltale standards,” an ex-staff member told Eurogamer. “Everybody knew Wolf 1 was a critical success, but not a commercial hit. I think people came into it realising they were making a boutique product. At one point the season was going to be three episodes.”

Announced in 2017, people were anxious over the sequel to the critically acclaimed first season of The Wolf Among Us. But with low sales, even people internally thought that the actual chances of a sequel coming out were low. Before closure, Telltale announced back in May that the second season had been delayed to 2019.

“Even when the marketing team recorded the Wolf 2 announcement trailer, many people within the studio doubted it would ever see the light of day,” an ex-staff member said.

Telltale Games closed down in September, with reports saying that it was closed down due to the studio’s over-reliance on investor money. Staff that were fired received no severance pay, and have since filed a lawsuit in California saying that Telltale violated labor laws by giving them no notice.