Switch Was the Most Purchased Item on Walmart’s Website for 2018 in California

Nintendo Switch consoles have been found to be the most purchased item on the Walmart online store in California for 2018. Walmart recently revealed data showing the most purchased items per state, which reportedly doesn’t include the company’s online grocery service, and it turns out California was buying a lot of Switches.

Business Insider shows the listing of the top items per state and the reason the Switch is such a remarkable front-runner is obvious upon comparison. No other video game product—game, console, or accessory—is even on the list. Perhaps the closest comparison is New Hampshire’s odd top seller a 15.6-inch HD touchscreen Dell laptop or Connecticut’s clear love of the Avengers Infinity War Blu-ray.

Other entries that made the most purchased item list were things like Crayola Crayons which feature in several states as well as Google Chromecasts,  Instant Pots, and paper towels. It seems pretty clear that many of the results would reflect sales the company has had over 2018.

Seeing the Switch put up against more everyday means it must have been an incredibly popular thing to buy. There are only so many times most households are planning to buy a new console compared to something like paper towels or Cheetos.

It’s not surprising that the Switch is such a hot item to buy. Not only are is the Switch the newest console on the block but it has also been selling incredibly well. By the middle of this year, the Nintendo Switch held 18.1 percent of the market share when it came to console sales in the U.K., beating out the Xbox One.

If you haven’t yet got around to purchasing a Switch yet, are thinking of doing so, or if you just want to get some accessories for your beloved console, you should check out our Nintendo Switch gift guide.