New Starlink: Battle for Atlas Content Coming Soon

Ubisoft Toronto announced that new Starlink: Battle for Atlas content would be coming to the game very soon. The new Starlink: Battle for Atlas “Holiday Gift” update brings with it new enemies, missions, activities, and a photo mode to the game.

Developer Ubisoft Toronto shared the news earlier today. New enemy units are being introduced to every planet in the game, some with unique gameplay mechanics and encouraging different strategies. Also new are outlaw fortifications that will appear strewn about the Atlas star system. These activities provide loot and experience upon completion. Finally, and perhaps most exciting for fans, is a fully featured photo mode coming to the game.

The photo mode coming in this Starlink: Battle for Atlas content update will let players take dynamic and unique screenshots of the game’s vibrant visuals. Accordingly it will let players detach the camera from their ship, add overlays and alter effects like depth-of-field.

Sentinels, a new enemy unit, will appear throughout the Atlas star system. These enemies summon gravity orbs that absorb all attacks. Players will have to use their ship’s “pluck” ability to destroy the orbs and attack the sentinel. Sentinels also call over more enemies to defend itself. Obelisks fire massive lasers upon being attacked, and can only be destroyed by plucking its energy core. Along with the new enemies are new hazardous flora and fauna, unique to different planets in the game.

Two new electrum sources are also being added to the game. The first is the “Spirit of Electrum” a mythical creature that will drop electrum upon being attacked. Electrum asteroids have also been spotted in the Atlas system, and upon being destroyed will generate a lot of electrum for players.

It’s great to see Ubisoft continue to support their space-faring action / adventure game. Starlink: Battle for Atlas was released on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in mid-October. The Switch version included a number of Star Fox additions, making it the definitive version of the game. The new content update should be out December 21.