The Last of Us 2 Free Dynamic Theme Now Available, Features Burning Car

A The Last of Us 2 free dynamic theme is now available on the PlayStation Store. This new dynamic theme recreates a scene that we first saw in a trailer for the game revealed at Paris Games Week 2017. The post-apocalypse just got a little bit warmer thanks to a burning wreck of a car featured in a new The Last of Us 2 free dynamic theme. It’s reminiscent of a traditional Yule Log, although it certainly has much less festive implications when you consider how dark the world of The Last of Us truly is.

The Last of Us 2 free dynamic theme is based on a car seen in Teaser Trailer #2 for the game. The trailer (embedded below) shows a scene where a woman is in a precarious situation. Thankfully, she manages to be saved by a timely rescue. An intense battle takes place and everything seems alright, right up until the point that a horde of Clickers hastily emerges from the woods, spoiling for a battle. The trailer concludes there and it certainly leaves us wanting more!

This dynamic theme is less than 25 MB in size. Thankfully, it won’t be taking up too much space on your PS4’s hard drive. It should be made clear that the new The Last of Us 2 free dynamic theme is literally just a burning wreck of a car in the background with some nice atmospheric sound effects. There isn’t much more to it than that.

A submission on the /r/PS4 subreddit states that the new The Last of Us 2 free dynamic theme is still rolling out worldwide. Customers in the UK can get it right now on their version of the PlayStation Store and it’s reportedly been deployed in a few other regions like India and Australia. The US doesn’t have their hands on it just yet; when they do, you should be able to get it via this search link.