Final Fantasy 14 Patch 4.5 Adds Blue Mage, Trailer Shows Stunning Battles

Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.5 is all set to add some pretty neat content to the MMORPG. Some of the cooler features include the addition of the Blue Mage job, a dungeon called The Ghimlyt Dark, and a boatload of new emotes, hairstyles, and mounts for players to enjoy.

The biggest addition in Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.5 has to be the new Blue Mage job class. Blue Mages are a longstanding job in the Final Fantasy franchise and they’re finally being added to the flagship MMORPG of the series. This job uses Blue Magic, a specialized school of magic that allows players to use powers and abilities that are otherwise only accessible to the enemies they face throughout the game. A Blue Magic Spellbook will help you wield your arsenal of magic while The Masked Carnivale is a series of events exclusively for Blue Mages that allows you to test your skills in challenging scenarios.

As always, the main story is set to progress in Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.5. You can get a pretty good feel for how things are shaping up by watching the trailer for the patch. The main scenario is A Requiem For Heroes – Part 1, which sees the Empire seeking to reclaim a nation that’s been battered by constant battles. War is coming, and the Scions have fallen victim to a sleeping ailment that renders them unconscious and unable to be awoken.

The Wreath of Snakes side story quests will see the Warrior of Light confronting the fourth member of a legendary band of heroes. Known as Seiryu, you’ll have to fight against him and his army of minions in this series of quests. Players may wish to dive into the brand-new Ghimlyt Dungeons to mix things up; this is a mix of rough terrain that’s suffering from some rather unpleasant weather. This will be where the decisive battle for Eorzea will kick off.

New mounts, minions, emotes, and hairstyles are also coming along in Final Fantasy 14 Patch 4.5. Finally, taking custom deliveries to Adikiragh in the Hard Place will give players the opportunity to earn some special awards. You can see all of the details about what’s coming in Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.5 by checking out the patch’s page on the game’s website. Patch 4.5 is expected to arrive on January 8, 2019.