Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Delayed Until January

A Kingdom Hearts VR Experience has been delayed until early next year. The VR game had originally been touted for a release on Christmas Day but will now arrive on January 18. The VR Experience is broken into separate episodes, with the second episode planned to release alongside a spring 2019 update.

The VR Experience will let players relive the Kingdom Hearts story and presumably attempt to make sense of what’s happening before the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 arrives in late January 2019. Given that the December 25 release date was for Japan players only, the delayed release may be a move that sees the Japanese version release as part of a worldwide launch. For now, Square hasn’t offered any specific reason as to why the PSVR exclusive title has been pushed back.

The VR Experience will be given a bit of love post-launch though, with a spring update scheduled for the title that will see a second part to the experience added as a free download. Though what the second part will actually be about is anyone’s guess, we’re hoping for some kind of follow-up to the end of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Speaking of which, Square Enix recently released the final trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, titled “Final Battle.” The trailer gave us a few morsels of the story to sink our teeth into and a fair chunk of gameplay to hold us over while we wait for the game to arrive on January 29. Though, some fans already saw a lot of what Kingdom Hearts 3 will be about after a string of spoilers dropped for the game after a handful of copies were handed out a little too early. Fans soon took to social media and forums to warn one another about the spoilers so as not to ruin the game for themselves. Tetsuya Nomura later asked that fans avoid the spoilers that were released and wait for the game to arrive.