Agony Spinoff Succubus is in the Works

In a move that nobody asked for, Madmind is getting to work on a spinoff to the critically hated Agony. New title Succubus already has a trailer that shows the titular demon taking a tour through hell. A lot of what the trailer shows will be fairly familiar to those of you who played through Agony, with the demon traversing the dusty wasteland of hell before taking a dip in the communal blood-filled lake. Though there are a few bits that are new for the upcoming spinoff, we see the Succubus skidding and jumping around suggesting we’ll see a similar parkour element to the game (demons are prolific parkour practitioners it seems).

We also see some pretty lethal combat in the game, with our demonic hero running around, ripping demons in half before killing what looks like a group of cultists. We also see the character perform a bit of voodoo-esque work, in which she stabs a heart she holding and kills a person in front of her, whether we’ll find similar skills in the game’s final version remains to be seen. All in all, Succubus looks set to be a lot more combat-focused experience compared to the run and hide stylings of Agony.

We know a bit about the game’s story as well. As you’ll be playing a demon, the plot is markedly different from the main game, which saw you trying to escape hell. Succubus finds herself as the queen of hell, though she decides she doesn’t want the glitz and glamor that a royal lifestyle offers so she decides to retreat to the wilderness of hell, and yes that’s a thing. During her travels, Succubus is captured and tortured by another demon who’s looking to become ruler and now she’s out for revenge.

There’s no specific release date for Succubus yet though given that the game seems to reuse a lot of assets from Agony, though the general consensus is that a 2019 PC release is a likely window for the game.