Super Meat Boy Butt Too Explicit for Facebook

The end of 2018 has seen many social media platforms strike back against so-called explicit content. From Tumblr banning everything but “female presenting nipples” to several sites closing down altogether, it seems that the internet at large is cleaning up its act. Of course, sites are doing this mainly via an algorithm, which leads to plenty of humorous examples of machines not understanding what they’re seeing. Case and point, the tale of Team Meat and its attempts to promote Super Meat Boy Forever.

Super Meat Boy‘s meaty protagonist has always proudly displayed his cartoon hinder, but this moon is too much for the biggest social network in the world. The developer quickly got to work on a replacement ad that would satisfy the eldrich programming that runs Facebook’s ad team.

We would be remiss if we didn’t introduce this platforming sequel to anyone who missed it due to this Facebook ad removal. Super Meat Boy Forever is an auto-running platformer where Meat Boy and Bandage Girl must rescue the kidnapped baby Nugget from the returning Dr. Fetus. While the gameplay style is changing from the original, the designers are aiming for the same level of difficulty. The store page boasts over 7,200 handcrafted stage sections merged together into procedurally generated runs that promise a new experience any time you play.

While Super Meat Boy Forever‘s butt content will release on all platforms (including those owned by the notoriously prudish Nintendo) next year, it won’t appear on Steam. The current page lists it as a 2020 release, as the PC version will be exclusive for a time on the new Epic Games Store. The original Super Meat Boy will be free on said store starting on December 28. We can only assume that it also won’t be coming to Facebook in any form, lest their users are exposed to such heinous hindquarters.