Final Fantasy XIV Getting Competitive Mahjong

The MMORPG based on the wickedly popular game series Final Fantasy XIV is getting competitive Mahjong. The game will have its own ranking system so players can compete to rise to the top of the ladder.

Silconera reported that a letter from the Producer Live Broadcast revealed that Final Fantasy XIV’s Doman Mahjong will have both casual and competitive Mahjong.

The rules of Doman Mahjong are similar to the ones used in Japanese Mahjong and it sees four players competing against one another. Players want a winning hand of 14 tiles and the points will differ depending on how difficult the hand is and how quickly they managed to acquire it.

While competitive Mahjong is available where players can compete against other real-life people, you can also play a more casual game against NPCs. The NPC games will allow people to pick from three difficulty levels so they can harness their skills before moving on to the ranked tables.

Rankings work by placing you in the novice ranking first. Playing games and finishing in a good position will increase your ranking and while you’re still in the novice category, you can’t lose rank. Once you’re out of this lower tier, your rank will change based on wins and losses and only the top tier can register for Advanced Mahjong games.

You can also choose to play against a party of your choice using the Duty Finder system. However, these games won’t affect your rank like the other competitive PvP games.

Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida also assured fans that they are working on proper original content for the game as well as these side ventures. He added that this is being introduced so players wouldn’t have to open a different game to play Mahjong with friends and believes that this version of Mahjong may have the best avatar system out of any digital offering.