‘Very Hard’ Celeste Bonus Levels Coming Early 2019, Dev Announces

Matt Thorson, the developer behind the indie platformer Celeste, revealed last Friday that he’s working on Celeste bonus levels that are expected to release early in 2019.

In a series of tweets celebrating the game’s success, Thorson revealed these new “farewell levels” as his final efforts on the game, before moving on to new projects “in the new year”. On the Celeste bonus levels, he commented that they were “very hard”, meeting the demand for DLC from fans following more than 500,000 sales of the platformer.

Since releasing in January this year, Celeste has quickly become widely acclaimed, so it’s no surprise that Thorson’s dev studio Matt Makes Games is planning to release DLC a year later. However, Thorson made no mention of which platforms should expect the Celeste bonus levels first, or whether these levels would be paid DLC for the game.

Composer Lena Raine also revealed that the game’s OST sold more than 6000 copies across all platforms, and was streamed more than 4 million times on Spotify alone. This helps to demonstrate the acclaim for the platformer; as Thorson mused in another tweet, “We never expected it to reach so many people”.

It was recently announced that Celeste will be joining the roster of Xbox’s Games with Gold library in January next year, to the surprise of many fans. This grants the perfect chance to try out the indie platformer before the Celeste bonus levels release on console.

Moreover, earlier this month Celeste took home two awards – Best Indie and Games For Impact – from The Game Awards 2018, winning as many awards as the massively popular Fortnite. We can expect to hear more about Thorson’s next project sometime in 2019.