Tekken X Street Fighter Development Is on Hold (But Not Canceled)

Tekken X Street Fighter development is currently on hold, but it hasn’t been entirely canceled. This latest tidbit of information about a game many of us may have forgotten about was revealed in a livestream featuring Tekken franchise producer Katsuhiro Harada.

An end of the year party centered on Tekken recently took place in Japan and the series’ famed producer Katsuhiro Harada was in attendance. He answered questions throughout the livestream which is available in Japanese behind a subscriber paywall. One of these questions from fans was regarding Tekken X Street Fighter development and Mr. Harada’s answer was a little surprising: the game isn’t as dead as you think.

In Mr. Harada’s estimation, Tekken X Street Fighter development is approximately 30 percent complete. Fans had been updated about the game at multiple points in recent years including in a 2014 statement made at Comic-Con and a 2015 interview. We’ve had another update today stating that the game isn’t exactly canceled, but it certainly isn’t progressing, either.

We didn’t get any specific reasons as to why it’s taken so long for Tekken X Street Fighter development to get out there. Allusions had been previously made to the marketing focus of the publishing house on other titles, but there isn’t much more than that. It may have something to do with the lackluster sales of sister title Street Fighter X Tekken; CAPCOM had reported that the sales weren’t exactly up to their expectations. It stands to reason that the poor performance of this first crossover title would certainly make the publisher gun shy about releasing the second and that’s probably why we haven’t seen anything yet.

Fans hopeful for getting their hands on this particular crossover can take a measure of solace in the fact that Tekken X Street Fighter development isn’t technically canceled. Still, with only 30% progress after almost a decade since its original reveal, things certainly aren’t looking good. We may get Tekken X Street Fighter one day, but that will require the head honchos thinking that it’s a worthwhile investment.

[via Avoiding The Puddle]