Fortnite Christmas Song Performed by Fan on In-Game Piano

A Fortnite fan used the game’s giant piano to cover “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” The Fortnite Christmas song was carefully edited together using only sound effects from the battle royale game.

YouTuber UMadBroYolo posted the Fortnite piano cover of the popular Christmas song over the weekend. The video title and Reddit post both suggest that 24 players came together and performed the track, although that isn’t the case. Several people on Reddit asked how it was coordinated, with UMadBroYolo inferring that wasn’t quite the case. “Teamwork makes the dreamwork! 😉 (or just a lot of editing… I mean A LOT ),” the video creator responded to one question.

UMadBroYolo said they started recording footage for this video over a month ago. They had to shoot each character individually, and then edit everything together in sync. The Fortnite piano also didn’t have enough range to cover the whole song, so certain notes had to be pitched to achieve the right sound. Parts of the song were emphasized with extra sound effects from guns and building, fleshing out the Fortnite Christmas song even more. The video’s creator added a number of Easter eggs into the video background as well.

UMadBroYolo has a number of other similar videos as well. A few months ago saw the release of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” but only with sounds from Battlefield 5Battlefield 1 got its own version of “Seven Nation Army” as well, a few short years ago. They also did a rendition of “The Imperial March” theme in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Mariah Carey dropped “All I Want for Christmas Is You” back in 1994 where it quickly became a mega-hit. The uptempo Christmas song has been covered or parodied by dozens of artists and musicians, including in other video games. Minecraft and Overwatch parodies of the song have garnered hundreds of thousands of views each.

Top image: UMadBroYolo / YouTube